Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Military Living: The Makings of a Military Wife

Military Living: The Makings of a Military Wife

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


We as consumers and health conscience people need to understand the riskes of bad nutrition,as it is linked to many serious and not so serious health problems that definately are putting our lives at risk! Many people do not take into to consideration that what you eat is what you become! I know this sound extreme but believe it is not extreme! Take a look around you when you go to the grocery store or walmart and take carefull note without affending the people! I was not surprised yesterday when me and my husband went to walmart how many people are filling their buggy's with pure garbage as in empty callories and no nutrtional value whats so ever! I was truly discusted at this because we as americans are literly paying to make our selves sick!I have found too that these same people are overweight some to the point of obeise and that in its self is linked to many serious health issues that even has the doctors very concerned! I have even done surveys with different people in different economic and cultures to find out how many of those people understand the importance of eating healthy and having balenced nutrition and truly was alarmed!About 20% of the people I talked to was not even concerned with health and nutrition they were like I dont care I get sick I go to doctor I have medicare or some insurance that they dont even pay for! We as americans need to step up to the responcibity of doing preventive matinence on our selves, that means being more health conscence and eating better, more fruits and vegitables and less fatty red meats,less processed foods less sodas! Just by cutting back on a few things such as this can make a dramatic change in our health and energy!I also learned even though it cost a little more to eat healthy the benifits more then out weight the costs! I will also say that even though you pay more for the healthier foods now will save you a bundle in the longer run!This comment may upset some but I have to say it as it is so true, alot of the people who are eating so unhealthy are on assistance such as food stamps, medicare,ssi and as a result this hurt not only the person eating this garbage but the taxpayer pocket book as the medical exspences is double what the average working self insured persons would be!