Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wanting to Lose Weight? Wanting to Earn Excellent Money by Doing so?Herbalife is The Answer!!

How would you like to be able to earn up to a six figure income by losing weight and becoming healthy? You can very well earn a very substancial income by using,sharing and recomending our great products! I have personaly lost 90 lbs in 7 monthes and have helped many people such as me to have awesome results not only in their health but in their income! I achieved supervisor position in less then 6 monthes and started recieving checks in 7 monthes from the company! I also done and still do retail online and offline. I am a personal health and weightloss coach that helps people to achieve the maximum results in a realistic time frame as all persons are different and need different support! I believe like Mark hughes in healthy weightloss, good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand! I will help you whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight in a safe and healthy way! Let me be your personal coach in your healthy weight management or your personal wealth coach to help you achieve your goals!

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